Bowling League Manager
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League Stats and Personal Bests

Average 200+ 600+
All Season Averages 174.3 12 2.3
Week Average 200+ 600+ Oil Pattern New PBs Game Series
3 184.9 20 5 Stone Street Larry Exell 630
3 Ron Seers 221 571
3 Khashi Astari 254 665
2 173.8 10 2 Stone Street Larry Exell 236 599
2 Hilary Mills 195 507
2 Khashi Astari 193 538
1 164.2 6 0 Beaten Path Larry Exell 194 509
1 Ron Seers 195 524
16/09/21 17:47
Locker Rental now Due
I've received this message from Matt Elgy: -

"As discussed, please can you forward this onto everyone in the leagues.

Locker payments will be due on W/C 27th September. Lockers will stay at £25 per year. Lockers not paid for by 7th October will then be up for grabs for anyone else that would like one.

If you would like to join the locker waiting list, please email

Matt Elgy

Bowl Manager
09/09/21 17:14
Book Averages and Handicaps
When you have completed 12 games your book average and book handicap will changed to your current average and handicap.
09/09/21 17:13
Plug and Resurface Service.
If you cannot get to your usual pro-shop to get your balance hole removed Anthony Still is offering to plug the balance hole for £20 a ball and this includes the necessary resurfacing.

This may help you out!
07/09/21 11:37
Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
I will list below any matches that I am aware of that are postponed or pre-bowled.

Week 2 - 8 Sept - Revivals v Three's A Pair, to be replayed by 20 October at the latest!
06/09/21 19:19
BTBA Ball Drilling Specification
At the AGM it was mentioned that bowling balls with balance holes are now illegal.

We have now received the BTBA Ball Drilling Specification and a copy has been inserted in the "Downloads" section of the website for your perusal.

It may just be a case of filling a balance hole to make it legal once more.
06/09/21 17:31
Another League Reserve
We recruited another league reserve yesterday evening - Brad Gibbs - please let me know if you will need of his services?
02/09/21 16:15
BTBA Membership
Please renew your BTBA membership if you have not done so already. You can do it yourself on the BTBA web site at or I can do it for you if you let me have the £25.00 membership fee.
02/09/21 16:00
Individual KO Competition
The draw for the Individual KO Competition was made last night. The 1st Round will commence on 29 September - Week 5 - after everyone has bowled at least one series. Full details will be published on the "Downloads" section of the website in due course.
02/09/21 15:56
Team KO Competition
The draw for the Team KO Competition was made last night and will commence on 12 January 2022. Full details in the "Downloads" section of the website.
02/09/21 15:44
Welcome to the web site for the New Season
Welcome to the web site for the New Season 2021-2022. A warm welcome to our new players Larry, Ron and Hilary for our new team Trident and to Khashi Ashtari who has joined Strike force. At the AGM we ended up with 12 teams for the new season, so going three times round will take us up to 25 May 2022 after including for three Half-term holidays and two weeks off for both the Christmas and Easter holidays. A copy of the league schedule is in the "Downloads" section on the left of the web site and copies will be passed to everyone on week 1. The amended version of the League Constitution has been put in the "Downloads" section. Your personal bests to 31 August 2021, the Postponement Form, notes of the AGM, League Records, a blank score sheet and a sample of a 20-point Match Play score sheet have also been inserted. Have fun, bowl well and have another good season starting on 1 September 2021 at 7:15pm!
13/08/21 18:27